• 19
  • 11
  • 2021
  • 07.30
  • pm

Deco Records presents Yammerer w/ The Liars Club + Slap Rash + Nara

Yammerer aren’t your usual band. It’s difficult to even consider them a band in the most traditional sense, with the five-piece best viewed as a single organic and multi-faceted organism. And though Yammerer might take their cues from a host of heady and hypnotic genres including psych, new wave, and krautrock, it really is something greater than the sum of its parts.
Their recorded and released output only just the tip of the Yammerer iceberg.
Indeed, Yammerer is an infectious and angular offering and beneath the surface, much bigger things are brewing…
The band that blew you all away in August with their sold out first appearance for us The Liars Club will be back with us in support, along with Manchester’s favourite noise punk sibling duo, Slap Rash, this is shaping up to be another blinder.
£7 on the door – Limited £5 advance. Get in!

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