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Please note this is an 18+ event
Trick Mist and Video Blue are the solo projects of UK-based Gavin Murray and Jim O’Donoghue Martin, respectively. The two have spent over a decade making music together. This split 7’‘ single release offers the two a shared platform to showcase their differing individual practices. The sole connection between these tracks is the artist’s shared history as music makers. Neither has heard the others single. Crumbs Abound and Disco Nap are truly independent offerings.
Trick Mist bio: Trick Mist is an Irish electronic songwriter based in Manchester. His music positions the lyrical song within a wider experimental electronic context. An intriguing blend of lyrics, traditional Irish music odes and home-made samples form a sound which aims to move you inside and out. His debut EP ‘Jars in Rows’ is available via iTunes, Spotify and bandcamp https://trickmist.bandcamp.com/releases www.state.ie …‘intensely deep, experimental music that seems to throb in your ear long after you cease to listen.’
www.fakedangerous.wordpress.com/ …The tone is dark, the percussion is jarring and mechanical, the bass throbbing, and yet there remains a warmth.’
www.thebestofmusicandfilm.blogspot.ie … ‘Trick Mist has sculpted something that will have an awful lot of people very eager to see what he comes up with next.’
Video Blue bio:

Video Blue is a project by Jim O’Donoghue Martin.
Embracing ambient electronica and guitar driven alt-pop; the music is a highly personal rolling document of his life.
All of the music is recorded in his east London bedroom.
2015 has seen the release of 2 EP’s; ‘More Pop Troubles’ (released on cassette via US indie Wiener Records) and September’s ‘Simmer’.
”..an altogether intriguing fusion of rock and electro-pop” – Pure M
”Top Class alt- guitar pop” – Wiener Records, Los Angeles
” strangely sad and beautiful.. grungy alt-rock..a middle ground between the guitar-based music he’s accustomed to making and ambient electronica… ‘Talisman’ is a moody beat-driven number with sombre vocals that hints at Radiohead’s Kid A / Amnesiac era
‘FILMIC’s rhythm and jangly guitars make it feel like a low-fi modern take on a La’s song. – Remy’s Music & Film blog
Available on Spotify, & iTunes

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