• 23
  • 11
  • 2024
  • 07.30
  • pm

Sour Grapes Records present Tramhaus

Please note this is an 18+ Event

Tramhaus is the daring postpunk sensation from the restless and ever-innovative city of Rotterdam. In the span of its relatively short existence, Tramhaus has managed to make a name far beyond the borders of their hometown. Marked by their joyous and energetic experience, the band has proven to be able to
convey this message both in live and recorded settings. The music of Tramhaus feels like a soundtrack to
a vivacious, mysterious, and dangerous story. There is no room to lean back as the band takes you with
them in a drag race full of emotions and euphoria driven by streamlined, fiery songs mixed with fragile
and abstract tones. This whole spectacle is fueled by the near-symbiotic relationship between the five
band members.


Since their formation in 2021, Tramhaus released four 7” vinyl singles and the 12” ‘Rotterdam’ EP. They
were shortlisted for a Music Moves Europe Award, featured as Song of the Day at KEXP Seattle, as well
as receiving critical acclaim from international media.

They embarked on headlining tours across France, Germany, and the UK, as well as Central- and
Northern Europe, Spain & Portugal, and did a successful seven-day tour in Japan in November 2023.
Tramhaus performed at leading European festivals including Best Kept Secret, Levitation France, Sziget,
Colours of Ostrava, Dour, Tremor, Les Vielles Charrues, and showcases ESNS, The Great Escape,
MaMa, Tallinn Music Week and Reeperbahn. Recently they performed eight times during SXSW.
For Summer 2024, among dozens of other dates, they will perform at coveted European festivals
including Paredes de Coura in Portugal, Primavera Sound in Spain, Fusion in Germany, Binic in France,
and Release Athens, sharing a stage with Pulp, The Smile & Ride. Several other festivals are still TBA.

Currently working with an international team, Tramhaus debut album ‘The First Exit’ will be released on
September 20, through fiercely independent Dutch independent Subroutine Records. The release is
followed by a European release tour across ten countries in Autumn, starting October 2nd in iconic Paradiso Amsterdam.

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