• 08
  • 11
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

Strange Days presents The Queen’s Head

Please note this is an 18+ event

Straddling punk, dub and spoken word, ‘RUDETOY’ is the perfect debut single to introduce London-based 5-piece, The Queen’s Head coming out on Perenant Creep Records.

Menacing guitars and heart-pounding dance rhythms are melded together by the acerbic but intelligent lyrics of songwriter Joel Douglas and poet Tom Butler to create a song typical of the band: ‘RUDETOY’

Following the fallout of their previous band, The Bulletproof Bomb, Joel, Tom, Robbie Cottom, Mike Hendry and George Thompson decided to rebuild as a group which explore more meaningful ideas which affect them and others like them in the current socio-political landscape. Sonically, the suburban innocence of The Bulletproof Bomb has been replaced by post-industrial cynicism whilst the energy and melodicism which set them apart has been retained.

‘RUDETOY’ epitomises the endeavour of the project in discussing the desire of individuals to immortalise themselves via their depictions of who they want to be within digital spaces. Digitally created electronica elements interact with more traditional band instrumentation and glitchy vocal hooks.

The group’s name, then, reflects the loftier ambitions of this new band: The Queen’s Head is named after 278 pubs across Britain and their songs analyse those drunken discussions which reverberate around bars across the country. What am I doing with my life? How is technology changing the world? Why isn’t it working out with my girlfriend?

The boys have built upon their 5 years gigging experience within London’s dingy punk venues such as The Old Blue Last and Five Bells. Crowds have wept and boogied to the fury, tightness and dance-ability of the group. Their debut ‘RUDETOY’, then, perfectly introduces the world to this exciting, unique blend.

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