• 21
  • 02
  • 2018
  • 07.00
  • pm


Please note this is an 18+ event
Innovative poetry in performance by:

Calum Gardner
Edmund Hardy
Jazmine Linklater

Details of all three performers below.

More information about the Other Room at http://otherroom.org/

Free entry, as always.


Calum Gardner is a poet, critic, editor of Zarf magazine, and teaches at the University of Leeds. Recent poems can be found in publications such as amberflora, 3:AM, Datableed, and Poetry Wales.


Edmund Hardy is a poet and polemicist. His book Complex Crosses (2014) is an experimental work of philology and philosophy. He’s currently working on a novel called Motley Apostles.


Jazmine Linklater lives and writes in Manchester. She has published two pamphlets, Toward Passion According (Zarf, 2017) and D├ęcouper, Coller (Dock Road Press, 2018).