• 22
  • 04
  • 2020
  • 07.30
  • pm

DHP Family presents The Imbeciles [Cancelled]

Please note this is an 18+ event

This is the music for our times; our darkening times. The Imbeciles are making the soundtrack for the world we really live in, which is set to become increasingly angry, unhappy, unfair, and messed up. “The world is slowly imploding.” That’s the warning from The Imbeciles, and the message behind its first album. The idea of what to do emerged like a surprise attack.

“I don’t even know where it came from… it ambushed us,” says Butch Dante, of the band’s forthcoming self-titled debut album. “To us it looks like mankind will endgame itself in this millennium, and probably within the next 100 or 200 years. The Imbeciles as harbingers of that fall. We’re pointing out that the world is imploding, for many reasons — environmental, political, technological, and ultimately because human beings themselves forgot how to be humane, how to be kind.”

“Saying we are political would infer that we have some faith in the political system. We don’t. Or that we have answers, a solution to prevent this coming slow apocalypse. But we don’t. We are sitting at the side of an innocent-looking pool saying: hey, you’re drowning but you don’t even know it. And we’re giving you some music to listen to as you go down.”

The Imbeciles arise out of the ashes of Wartoad. Then: Wartoad. Now: The Imbeciles. The name change spurred by the desire for a fresh start and a more personal direction. And a trip to the desert. “Looking up at the desert stars. Inspirational. Everyone was like, ‘bollocks, let’s just play the music we want to play. And that will be fine… carry on!’” The Imbeciles were born in the desert then and there.

Inspired by the likes of Wire, Devo, Gang Of Four, but utterly unique, a new form of avant-garde art punk, against greed and mendacity. The band’s forthcoming album was recorded deep down at Sonic Ranch on the Texas/Mexico border. All analogue, in seven days. Produced by Calvin Voltz.

New single “D.I.E.” is “a lament for the end of the world. With references to global endgames. They’re grim. All self-inflicted. The chorus is epic when played live. It’s incredibly passionate. People really get into it.”

No one is sure of the true identities of the members of the band. It is known that members come from Los Angeles, London and Texas.

The Imbeciles are Al Dijon, Butch Dante, Calvin, Hal McNulty, Jads Watson, Kip Larson, Toth Fowler, and Tony ‘Terk’ Downing.

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