• 27
  • 06
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

Silas & Saski / Silas Neptune (Ozric Tentacles)

Please note this is an 18+ event

Silas & Saski are uniting in a songful blend of transcendental harmony and innocent beauty, merging musical worlds to form a new super breed of ethereal Space Folk. With a heightened sense of vision, they are climbing to new vistas of awareness through the medium of music.

Silas Neptune is a unique musician known for his role as synth player for the influential psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles. His solo album ‘The Scales of Tahuti’ released in 2017, is a journey through far off dreamscapes and an exploration of the cosmos. With a range of instruments under his hands: synthesizers, guitar, Turkish saz and bass, Silas experiments with multidimensional soundscapes to lead us through the waters of the imagination.

Saskia Maxwell is a singer, guitarist and flautist from another realm. At 22 years on earth, she has already released 3 EPs of original work and toured extensively across the UK and beyond. Growing musically through a world of folk, Saski tells secrets and timeless tales with songs that explore the esoteric side of nature and seek truth behind the illusion.

The duo is currently in the studio recording their debut album ‘Entertaining Possibilities’, which promises to take the listener on a ride through shimmering sonic landscapes to ambient bliss, before heading upwards in a culmination of explosive guitar solos and driving rhythmic charge.

Silas & Saski are about to venture far into the unknown. Join them now to see their story unfold… And so it begins…