• 30
  • 09
  • 2019
  • 07.00
  • pm

Babel Station presents New Sensations

Please note this is an 18+

Sensational New Sounds of This City.

Four local bands reckoning the roots of post-punk, pub rock, psychedelia, indie rock, jangle pop and lo-fi. Not one too strange or similar.

A laid-back night brought about through the collaborative labours of progressive entertainers. For the sake of honest art and having a laugh.

This event is FREE, with donations being accepted to cover venue hire. Any profit generated will be split four-way between the bands.



Brand new Manchester based three piece garage rock/post punk outfit featuring ex members of The Fall / Polythene, Poppycock and Rose & The Diamond Hand.

Elastikbande feature Kate on drums, Luisa on guitar/backing vocals and Mark on bass/vocals.


2. Furrowed Brow (20:00)

What is furrowed brow? We are some people from places you’ve probably heard of, with cliche influences and an arrangement so familiar that you might puke, but don’t worry we are ready to eat that puke and shit out some delicious music


3. Babel Station (20:45)

The end product of a 1986 hit & run incident in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester; Babel Station is a three man band of four brothers. Full-on folk-punk-poet dialect and an empathy for rock & roll is satisfied through Jungle Run percussion. Here to turn you on and your TV off.

4. Slow Monk (21:30)

Serves 8 (with leftovers for tomorrow’s butties)

Squeeze the juice of 1 Postle into a size 12 shoe
Whisk the liquid into a fine Yates paste
Finely dice an Alex tip (discard the remains) and fry off until translucent
Stir gently into the shoe
Bury the shoe and dig up on the next full moon
Run around in the shoe for at least 4 worm years, then decant the top froth into a brass bucket.
Finally, enjoy the wholesome bucket broth with family and friends.


The last act will end around 10pm. All support is greatly appreciated for some decent music in the city centre and a reasonably early night.

Be a part of what’s next.

Thank you.