• 24
  • 06
  • 2022
  • 07.00
  • pm

Subliminal Impulse Festival presents Lo Five // Mindcrime Café // ARCH FEMMESIS

Please note this is an 18+ Event

On the first night of the free entry stuff at subliminal impulse Electronic Music Festival we are pleased to present the following:

Lo Five is the melodic ambient electronic moniker of Neil Grant, a Wirral based producer specialising in tape-worn rave-influenced hypnagogic electronic which explore themes around consciousness, memory and spirituality.

Lo Five oversees Emotion Wave, which is primarily involved with releases and events, and continues to work with labels such as Castles in Space, Miracle Pond, Cue Dot, Front and Follow, Patterned Air and Woodford Halse – with new releases scheduled for later this year.

Mindcrime Café is an unintentional passion project from longtime collaborators, Jaydev Mistry and Marizu Okereke.
The project serves to agitate, explore and resonate the interstitial spaces of their experiences.
This exploratory journey through the auditory undergrowth is interweaved and punctuated with immersive achaeocyclonic visual rhythms in the pursuit of a monistic


Birthed from Nottingham’s underground queer scene, ARCH FEMMESIS are an Electro Punk duo formed by Performance Artist ZERA TØNIN and Androgynous Synthesist MEDDLA. Their blend of brooding, chaotic basslines with intense, psychosensual poetry creates an intoxicating mix that horrifies and hypnotises the audience. The duo have been gaining rave reviews around the UK for their extrovert performances and DGAF attitude, combining art, fashion and music into an immersive electronic experience.

“Arch Femmesis have everything it takes to become seriously big.[…] feels like meeting Grace Jones in the most devastating mood whilst on some seriously nasty trip” – Under The Radar (22 for 2022)

Doors 7pm

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