• 16
  • 11
  • 2023
  • 08.00
  • pm

Form presents KhakiKid

Please note this is an 18+ event

Dublin-raised alt-rap up-and-comer, KhakiKid, has had a lightning-fast start to life as a musician.

Growing up on Crumlin estate, the 22-year-old shared a bedroom with his three siblings, all of which had different interests that steered far away from music. But, after his brother showed him the ropes with a 50 Cent CD, everything became clear. Whilst his sound has constantly evolved over his short career so far, the content has been anything but copycat-ish. Take last year’s hit single “Wait”: a jazz-infused record that vouches for nothing but confidence and raw talent that suggests a musical scope far above his peers that have been in the game for the same stretch.


Of course, coming from Dublin, Ireland, brings a stigma of the likelihood of pushing down the industry doors in the UK’s capital far lesser than those across the border, but please don’t box him in. His lyrics are often quite sardonic, even when touching on the more sensitive subjects; but with a fresh energy, along with a raw belief that is manifesting shows across major European cities in the near future, the ceiling really couldn’t be high enough.


Now, KhakiKid is in the buildup to releasing his first solo project, ‘Elevator Music’. “It’s just a sound that has levelled up from the music that I made before,” he says. And while comparing the upcoming EP to the likes of English front-runner, Knucks, as well as American vet, Tyler, The Creator, the excitement, along with the intrigue is ready for a new flavour of Irish talent to hit the UK land.

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