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  • 10
  • 2023
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Greyline Live presents Joshua Zero w/ Fakewife + Violet Electric

Please note this is an 18+ event

London-based artist Joshua Zero is a non binary artist at the peak of their powers. Zero has harboured an ever-evolving sound that flirts with art-rock, coupled with a distinct stage presence and humility that’s seamlessly seen them blossom as an artist. Their roots began from cutting their teeth on sticky floors of Leeds’s music venues, taken them all the way to the capital where success has followed. Since doing so they’ve been on an upwards trajectory, with an upcoming EP that features standout single “12 Inch Alcoholics”. The EP adds to Zero critical acclaim and discography of limitless promise, sitting amongst a body of stellar work such as Barbed Wire Eyelashes(2019) and Your Eyes Are Fighting Me(2021). Zero is also no stranger to radio play, having frequently been featured on BBC Introducing WY and Amazing Radio.

Joshua Zero are building a burgeoning reputation with a recent London sell-out show at The Cavendish Arms as the band to look out for with an April Tour on the way, as well as an upcoming headline show at The Sebright Arms on May 6th. With a co-headline tour with The Golden Age of TV in October, things have never been more exciting for the singer-songwriter. Zero has already recently dropped a filmed session with RH sessions, which you can check out here.

Zero’s upcoming EP (set for release on the 6th of May) is a reflection of misspent adolescence, the type we all engage in. Zero has poignantly merged all the experiences and stories of his partying days, letting them unfurl into a reflective piece we can all take solace in listening to. When speaking about the track Zero shares:

“It’s a collection of tracks about drinking, documenting the real ups and downs of it all. It is about the ups and downs of love, heartbreak feels twice as crushing and dramatic when you are drunk, so does falling in love. It’s kind of is a push and pull about those things.”

‘Somewhere, Somehow’ with Burning Bones hit nearly at 30,000 plays on Spotify. At this increasingly interior period of our lives, we are compelled to look inwards, to delve into thoughts and feelings we’ve previously pushed to one side. Zero has reflected such an attitude, infusing it into their upcoming 5 Track EP.

Zero is also set to take their sound far beyond the big smoke, with an exciting European collaboration titled ‘ZhanZhan’ with Swiss artist Achi Ackermann. You can expect it to be released on October 10th 2022. The pair will take the project on Zero’s first EU tour across Switzerland and Germany in November.

During the pandemic cynicism has become a crutch, where it’s far easier to be a sceptic, than to visualise a future. In their latest release the shrill metallic urgency of Joshua Zero’s plaintive vocals is complimented with a sonic backdrop of fantastic hooks and inventive arrangements. The ability to flawlessly produce ebbs and flows with an urgency that is simultaneously vulnerable and confident feels revelatory.

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