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IRMA VEP With guests dbh & The Capoiera Band

Please note this is an 18+ event

Hey! Manchester presents…

Irma Vep

with guests

dbh & The Capoiera Band

Having released five award-winning records in various formats, including the Smash Hits album of the year nominee No Handshake Blues (Faux Discx/Comfortable on a Tightrope), he has toured the UK extensively and won the hearts of the masses by rocking the show with fully rocking bands like Jane Weaver, Jon Collin, Girl Ray and Wedding. If that isn’t enough ace stuff for you – he capped off the year with a full band transcendental rock tsunami at a sold out Band on The Wall supporting North East legend Richard Dawson in December.

You could say the sky is the limit for this obnoxious young man from Llanfairfechan, North Wales. He would not agree tho, no. He would say that the sky is black and full crying, dying birds and he doesn’t want none of it. The birds are in pain and he is sad, he would say. He is sad because he was exiled back to Wales from Manchester under dubious circumstances. He is sad because he forgot to get PRS and now he can’t afford it.
Hell bent on paying the rent, Edwin moved to Glasgow in September to study and hopefully find work but he hasn’t found any yet. He really likes it there but ‘it’s slim pickings for money’, he says. Maybe this is because he is unemployable, unemployable because all his energy has been spent selflessly crafting the sound of the summer, year after year and it’s a lot more hard when you have no GCSEs.

He had a thought the other day. He thought why not go play some gigs with his old pal dbh (dan bridgwood hill) and try and make a bit o’moolah along the way. Maybe they’d have fun and see some friends. He thinks that’s a good idea. Dan does too.