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Glasswerk Presents Twin Red

Please note this is an 18+ event

The fact that emotional music in the style of the 90s is currently reviving should not be a secret anymore. The glorious times of labels like Sup Pop, Revelation Records, SST or Merge, and bands such as Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk, Sense Field or Elliot seem to be equally a timeless and inexhaustible source of inspiration for the slightly introverted Alternative Rock which we love. Even when the combination of melancholic lyrics, dreamy melodies and catchy choruses matches a simple recipe, it’s nowhere near that this recipe turns out well.

Also nowadays, there are some bands that stand out from the masses, while others keep going in an unimaginative way of copies of another copy of bygone days. TWIN RED pick up on their full length “Please Interrupt” on well-tried concepts with a pleasurable ease; they give them their own touch and show why they belong to the first kind of mentioned bands.

On May 27th TWIN RED – yes, that’s this Ex-Client. band – return with their new and second album “Please Interrupt”. If anybody was asking themselves why it got more quiet around the band from Hanover after the name change, now they get the answer – they locked themselves in their rehearsal room, got in the studio and recorded one of the most important German rock-records of 2016.

TWIN RED was founded in 2011, at that time under the name of Client. and with a musical output that can be described as a mixture of melodic Hardcore, Punk and Alternative Rock. 5 years, two EPs and one album later the 5 guys will be releasing their second album “Please Interrupt” through Evil Greed. At lease since the release of their previous album “Joy Is The Only Treat” TWIN RED have proven that Germany has also some ambitious bands which can keep up on an international level. Influenced by bands such as Basement, Title Fight and Balance & Composure the quintet plays emotional Alternative Rock that can easily match up to the mentioned big names of the scene. TWIN RED now build on this basis – just more mature, more emotional and, what also can be easefully mentioned considering the average age of 24 years, even more grown-up.

TWIN RED do not have to hide from anything and nobody in 2016. The band shows on “Please Interrupt” a more quiet face – which is downright positive. “Please Interrupt” is an album which lives from its distinct, transparent and yet forceful sound.

TWIN RED succeed in creating a catchy and independent Alternative Rock that impresses with its creative and diverse songwriting, and that reminds every so often of Oasis or Jimmy Eat World. Songs like the opener “Replace My Head”, “Waking Up Tomorrow” and “Distance” represent the spectrum of the new album – from brisk guitar riffs to melodies that stick in your memory right up to songs with a terrifically honest and unpretentious melancholic undertone. After the band already worked with Taylor Madison (Superheaven) and Florian Schommer (AYS) for the design of the previous releases, the guitarist of the band, Moritz Schumacher, followed in their footsteps. By working with the Dutch photographer Anne Carolien Köhler, he managed to visually reflect all the varying moods of the album.

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