• 17
  • 03
  • 2017
  • 07.30
  • pm

German Shepherd Presents: Smoked Ears Will Not Grow Back

Please note this is an 18+ event
In the third of a continuing series, the previous two being held in Salford and Leeds,
thetrio of Moff Skellington , Ian Moss and Loop-aznavour
return with the unique cultural phenomenon known as
“Smoked Ears Will Not Grow Back”.
Blending the abstract with the surreal, the obtuse with the anarchic, and the obscure with the intense,
the three artists deliver a dazzling blend of spoken word, traditional tunes with a sideways glance, and
electronic punk with a theremin in tow. Quite simply unique, this is a marriage of several dozen musical
forms wrapped up in audio-visual display.
Moff Skellington is the bard of Abstercot, an iconoclast blessed with a unique
talent with words and music that defies convention and operates in a separate
and quite distinct time continuum to the rest of the world of entertainment. His
prolific and prodigious output, over thirty albums and one DVD since 1999, offers
some of the most exciting and challenging work you are ever likely to hear. His
brand new work the “De Mente lantern show” will form part of this event and will
include some of his artwork.
Ian Moss has been a key part of the Manchester music scene since the early
1980s famous as the singer for the legendary Hamsters, The Stepbrothers and
The Dodos, and many more bands including most recently Four Candles. Ian co-
owns German Shepherd Records from where he has released a series of solo
and duo recordings as KP2 and House Mouse as well as music from his two
partners in this event. His blend of dark humour, political fervour and intense
delivery create a maelstrom of thought provoking lyrics with cutting edge musical
Loop-aznavour is the quintessential one-man band delivering punk inspired
tirades at a wide range of deserving targets. Also a member of Bury based band
Adventures of Salvador, Loop’s live performances are the stuff of legend with his
mastery of the theremin being a key feature of his act. No stone is left un-turned
as Loop turns his attention to the dark secrets that hide in your soul.
You can expect a combination of word play, music and art which is like nothing you have seen before.
All three artists will perform separately as well as collaborating on the night