• 23
  • 08
  • 2021
  • 07.30
  • pm

The Beauty Witch presents Deliluh

Please note this is an 18+ event

Hailing from the darker margins of Toronto’s DIY community, art-punks Deliluh forge their own path. Mining the gaps between post-punk, drone and experimental music, their craft explores the spectrum with an organic, yet fiercely resonating sonic identity.

Following their self-produced debut LP, 2019 yielded two biting consecutive releases, cut and dried to document the group in their most visceral realization to date. ‘Oath of Intent’ and ‘Beneath The Floors’ (Tin Angel Records / Telephone Explosion Records) were uncompromisingly procured from a year spent tracking fresh ideas to tape in a local veterans hall. Both albums respectively inhabit a cast of characters, often portrayed peering through anxious lenses with lyrical tenacity and razor sharp tact. And both also stretch into stylistic extremes. The searing clamour of guitar anthems trade evenly juxtaposed with the soft whisper of ballads and the sinister other-worldliness of instrumental passages. Hard cuts and hiss from the reel-to-reel sessions inject a spirit of conviction through each passing movement, leaving behind a sense of wonder in their wake.

With a steady blaze of touring in their rearview, Deliluh’s slow-burning force has become more potent by the month. All the while, the group’s dedication to hard-boiled fiction and analog documentation has kept the wire hot with anticipation for what’s ahead. Rejecting any sense of singularity has granted them a reputation as risk takers worth paying heed to, along with the freedom to carve out their own sound on their own terms.

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