• 07
  • 08
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

Cityside Entertainment presents Cross the Line With guests w/ Tirade

Please note this is an 18+ event

Drawing inspiration from their love for Rock, Pop and even Folk music, Cross The Line have released their debut album. Nine songs consisting of melodies that certainly will stay in the listener’s head for a long, long time.

By mixing acoustic rock, pop and even folk, “Of Luck And Reverence” brings up a wide range of influences und lets the boys, known for enthusiastic stage performances and for always being in a good mood, show their more contemplative and vulnerable side.

The album’s opener “Morphine” starts off with gentle acoustic guitars, before it evolves into a powerful pop- rock-song, telling a story of deep friendship and solidarity.

“Dreamers”, the album’s second track, fits right in there. However, it carries the value of good memories in a more cheerful way.

While “Feelbombs” is a rock ballade promising to cause some goose bumps, “Every Night” is a simple yet beautiful declaration of love.

The centre of the album is taken by “Better Days”, only accompanied by the piano, before the energetic “The Way Things Go” brings the acoustic rock back on stage. The subsequent “Follow You” reduces the pace again, giving the listener a short break before Cross The Line bring in the album’s magnificent end:

“Of Luck And Reverence” unites all their influences in its title song. While the verses are carried by impulsive guitars and a smoky voice, the chorus seems like a meek yet determined farewell to a long gone love. Then the harmonica appears and gives a surprising twist to the song.

With the thoughtful and quite puristic closer “Prom Night” the boys release the listener and let their guitars, carrying the whole record, fade.