• 26
  • 11
  • 2016
  • 07.30
  • pm

Astral Elevator presents Rhys Bloodjoy & Control of the Going

Please note this is an 18+ event

Astral Elevator is proud to present our two bands in a showcase event on 26.11.2016…

“Emerging from the shadowy backstreets and alleys of Manchester…Fraut with tension, almost sinister in its delivery, Bloodjoy utilises the looper to create a stroke of lo-fi genius, that will haunt you long into the night…” – Backseat Mafia
“This man, alone with his loop machine and guitar, shines bright with talent. It’s Joy in your Blood indeed, homeless Joy under warehouses’ ceilings and along silvery canals.” – Ask The Sky Magazine
“Bloodjoy’s music is brutalism set to music; the DIY loops, the furious oil-slick guitar and a banshee howl. Primitive, back street sea-shanties. All mixed with the homespun tang of pale ale and everyday violence. It’s psych but the beats become trance. Intensity breeds fascination. His music is stripped back but heavy, a man with no background who sees the meaning of all. A hypnotic live act and a unique sound.” – Colorhorizon
“Manchester’s Rhys Bloodjoy’s unique style fusion of the modern sing-songwriter and all-consuming psychedelia quite easily blows most 4 and five epics bands off the stage and has earnt him space on the bills of some of the best nights of live music the North of England has to offer” – Burn Down The Disco
“One-man psychedelic loopsmith…stretching the mind’s limits from a minimalist starting point” – Grey Lantern
“A solo psychedelic explosion…one to watch…lo-fi brilliance” – Manchester Evening News

Control of the Going is a new Psychedelic/Shoegaze Alternative sounding Rock & Roll band from Manchester.
“An eclipse formed from surreal psychedelia with post-punk overtones. Control of the Going are beginning to emerge from the dark and uncertain streets of East Manchester to become one “of the best new bands in town”. So far, they have featured as the Real Radio XS “Future Classic” band for July and have drawn comparisons from Joy Division to early Pink Floyd. CoTG are currently gigging in Manchester supporting their latest releases: the Epilepsy Bus Ride EP and Wild Flower. “the warmth starts to exude out even when the subject matter of the song is dark” – Even the Stars

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