• 11
  • 06
  • 2024
  • 07.30
  • pm

Now Wave presents Angélica Garcia

Please note this is an 18+ event

NYC-based pop auteur Angélica Garcia’s signing to Partisan Records is announced today with the premiere of two entwined tracks, “Y Grito” + “El Que” as a double video, directed by *UNCANNY (BROCKHAMPTON, Danger Mouse, Black Thought) and filmed in London. The neon-colored Latin punk of “Y Grito” gives way to the slow-building hurricane of electronic pop that is the dazzling “El Que” as Angélica arrives at her clearest and most complete vision of self. Produced by Chicano Batman’s Carlos Arévalo, the songs mark Angélica’s first sung entirely in Spanish, her native language, the one in which she learned to sing rancheras with her family as a child.

It’s clear Angélica has discovered and tapped into a fresh pop perspective, creating music that is searing and borderless, free of cultural confinement and challenging the notion that singing in English is a prerequisite for creating American music. The twin tracks offer battle-hardened mirror images of the same difficult and at times terrifying work of healing, with Angélica summoning reinforcements from another realm with the intensity of an exorcism. In fact, Angélica’s vocal performance took such an emotional and spiritual toll that she couldn’t sing for two days after recording. These themes are reflected in the visuals for the singles, too, wherein “Y Grito” represents a battle of the physical while “El Que” represents a battle of the mind. Both singles are connected in spirit.

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