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Red Balloon Music presents Angel Snow

Please note this is an 18+ Event

Red Balloon Music is proud to present the welcome return of American singer-songwriter – ANGEL SNOW – following her previous spellbinding musical appearances for us here in Manchester!

Angel Snow is an American musician, originally from Georgia and currently based in Nashville, TN.

When Angel sings, she hands her heart to the listener, pouring out raw emotion through honest and introspective music.

Her unique Americana folk sound, coupled with a modern edge, provides a soulful backdrop for lyrics based on everything from personal experience to vivid dreams.

When the lights go down and the world turns off, the truth comes into focus.

Such moments of quiet introspection inform, impact, and inspire Nashville songstress Angel Snow. As life spins at light speed without pause, Snow provides understated ambient pop folk bliss that echoes with pure and powerful emotion.

“Over the last few years, during the pandemic and beyond, I was able to get outside of myself and see the range of the composition in these new recordings. It opened me up a little bit more to embrace the songs for what they are, and not be self conscious about them. The emotions really showed through and shined. The feeling behind everything gets to the forefront. It’s a great way for the lyrics and stories to resonate.”

Her performance today is by far the best she’s sounded… and she wants others to know they’re not alone in this relentless and foreboding war of our minds. I’m hoping to get through and help with the process.

Angel beckons you turn off the lights, close your eyes, and drift off to this music.

“I think we should all just sit in the dark with one another and see each other for who we really are. Don’t deny who you are now or who you’ve been in the past. Be in the moment more. A lot of my music is about this. I’m just trying be the best person I know how to be, embrace any and all flaws, and create to the best of my ability. I want to be in the moment. I want to use all of the gifts that I’ve been given and take advantage of them while I’m here.”

“Angel Snow’s music is absolutely beautiful. When she sings I hold my breath.” – Alison Krauss

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