• 28
  • 06
  • 2019
  • 07.30
  • pm

Adventures of Salvador With guests Electric Cheese & Umbrella Assassins

Please note this is an 18+ event

Adventures Of Salvador are a unique band , formed in 2011 by Mark Berry and Nigel Beck. On the back of an advert, they soon got to grips with turning influences into something new. Joined by itinerant irishman Joe Clarke and drum loops (aka Johnny Zoom) they started doing the odd gig and local tours, releasing the first single “Happidaze b/w Silent Sky in 2013…a modest indie club floor filler. Gigs continued and a short tour ensued with Loop Aznavour and poet Chris Bainbridge culminating in a Burlesque/Dr sketchy show where an impromptu jam sowed the seeds for what was to follow.

So Loop joined the band, Joe went off to chase his solo dream as “backinhumanform’, and the trio recorded “The Ping Pong Head EP’ 2014 which displayed a new freer and more ambitious sound which was well received. More doors opened including some prestigious festival shows. Shortly after Ollie appeared. The son of a local radio DJ who had been playing the single, he was recruited to fill the much needed drum position. A revamp of material to accommodate live drums led to a raft of gigs and festival shows and the release of the “Pop Song EP”, a studio demo and more live shows.

Tracks were recorded at Salford Crescent by Jim Watts (ex Fall). Many shows followed and stages were shared with some great acts. British Sea Power, The Nightingales, Paul Heaton, Julian Cope, Public Service Broadcasting, DR and The Medics , and The Stranglers amongst others. In 2016 the debut album “Chocolates and Drugs”, recorded by Phil Bulleyment (Dutch Uncles, Slow Readers Club), was released. It was a critical success and kept the gigging momentum up while the band’s reputation increased. Sadly Ollie was lured away with the promise of pop stardom and a new drummer was needed….up stepped mike smith…the missing link a drummer of great prowess and after getting up to speed, back out with a new improved sound…….bigger and better shows with Head to the Hills, Sylvain Sylvain uk tour , and strummercamp amongst others.

In 2018, the band went back to the studio, and in 2019 German Shepherd Records released the single “RETROMAN”. Produced by Tony Long at Big City Jacks, Mastered in LA by Mike Tucci and with Artwork by NYC’s Jack Jerz, it represents a leap forward , and has picked up lot of radio play all over. The album “ Welcome to our village” will be released early 2019.

Live , Adventures Of Salvador are a real force to be reckoned with as anyone who has seen them will testify. Loud tuneful with a wit seldom seen these days. Analogue Trash wrote, “Loud, brash and unapologetic, Nigel Beck’s bass and Dave ‘Loop-aznavour’’ Cordwell’s vocals give the track a wild and impetuous air, as fellow band members, Mark Berry and Mike Smith whip up some primal swamp rock that feels like they should be summoning the dead in some trailer park graveyard.

There’s a lot of art to this as well, as under the leering bravado lies an early post-punk feel, akin to the soul-wrenching sounds of early Nick Cave. Retroman manages to be simultaneously both low and high brow, and therein lies the genius of the track.”

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